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Kim Gattle

Retired from 30+ years of fundraising leadership.

Why Kim enjoys volunteering:

Being a part of the CCFP volunteer team is one of my greatest joys.  I cherish my time doing sign-ins of clients. It gives me the opportunity to connect with those in need at a challenging time in their lives. Welcoming them to the Pantry is a way of saying how valuable they are to our community. Also, there’s a special camaraderie among fellow CCFP volunteers that is no accident; it is something the CCFP leadership team fosters—it’s a privilege to be there!


Scott Arant

What inspires Scott about serving as a CCFP volunteer:

The Pantry fights food insecurity and makes a tremendous difference in the lives of its clients.  I'm inspired by this mission and I look forward to volunteering every week.


Scott's career background: 

2015 - Retired from EmployIndy, the Marion County workforce development agency. Prior to his service with EmployIndy, Scott worked in retail sales. 

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